Heavy Hitters Vape Carts For Sale

Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.

  • Purest Form Of THC Available, 90%+ Concentrate

HeavyHitters use the most purified and rigorously-tested ingredients to deliver a clean, deliciously strong hit every time.

  • Ultra Potent Formula

We start with the very best, from our expert farmers and careful handling, to precision extracting, testing and distilling.

  • Taste The Difference

No fake flavors needed to cover up over-cooked concentrates.

  • No Cutting Agents

Absolutely no cutting agents such as vitamin E, PG, VG, or MCT.

  • No Harmful Ingredients

No chlorophyll, filler or fats. No waxes. No heavy fishy terps. No pesticides. No heavy metals.

Heavy Hitters Brand

HeavyHitters is a legal brand, but the company’s vape carts are consistently counterfeited and sold on the black market. So, what exactly do the knock-offs look like? Licensed and legit HeavyHitters‘ products must undergo regular lab testing to ensure they’re not loaded with contaminants.

Heavy Hitters vape cartridges are known for coming in rad-yet-stylishly macabre packaging. And they’re especially known for providing potent puffs of weed oils that don’t contain fillers like vegetable oils or vitamin E acetate. Of course, these factors combined make Heavy Hitters’ carts ideal candidates for black marketeers to sell their own, fake versions of these award-winning products.

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